Respawn Working on Apex Legends Audio Fix

Apex Legends Audio Fixes Coming Eventually

Respawn Entertainment has clarified that they’re working on a fix for recent audio issues in Apex Legends, but it’s apparently a complex issue that won’t be immediately addressed. The audio bug that players have encountered hasn’t been replicated through internal playtests which further complicates things. Apex Legends is available for free right now on Xbox One, PS4, PC, with crossplay between the three already available and a Nintendo Switch port on the way.

“We are aware of and have people dedicated to solving the issue. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple problem and we’re trying very hard to track down the cause,” said Apex Legends Director Chad Grenier on a recent Reddit post. “To complicate things, it’s never been an issue in our internal playtests when we can actually debug the issue, so having a live game issue with no debugging capability makes it difficult to track down. Just wanted to comment here that we are aware and working on it.” While the issue won’t be fixed soon, it’s nice that Respawn Entertainment is being transparent about it with their Reddit community.

The key audio issue that Respawn Entertainment is working to address in Apex Legends is a bug where certain players don’t produce footstep noise or are unable to hear the footsteps of others. Season 7 is expected to fix other issues according to Chad Grenier in the Reddit post, but this footstep audio bug will likely not be part of the upcoming fixes. Season 7 is set to release on November 10th, and it seems like Respawn Entertainment is working hard to complete this complex audio bug.

When discussing fake beacons on the map in Apex Legends, Chad Grenier confirmed that the team would be notified and “make sure it gets into our bug database.”

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