Hawked Battles Into Steam Early Access

Prepare for Extraction 

It’s time to get jumping. The island awaits below you, full of danger, mystery, and rewards. Are you smart enough, strong enough, or brave enough to make off with the treasures of the island? Or will you be outmatched and left for dead? That’s right, MY.GAMES has officially announced the launch of their extraction shooter, Hawked, to Steam Early Access. Alongside an Early Access launch trailer, the developers invite players to join the “Renegade Rally” initiative to convince players to join the Early Access of the game. Of course, players that join the rally will receive several rewards that may make their time looting and shooting on the island even better. The new launch trailer gives players a glimpse of the action. 


Hawked introduces players to X-Isle. In various squads players will explore the island on the hunt for treasure. However, the island is full of threats. Strange creatures, traps, and other players, are all looking to see other squads dead. Yet, despite the myriad of treasure throughout the island there is a primary objective. Importantly, the team to successfully secure and extract with the large treasure wins the match. Of course, this leaves every squabbling and battling for key positions. Furthermore, player squads can leave at any time. If they are feeling outgunned and outmatched, they can leave. 

Importantly, players can get a look at Hawked in the new trailer. Of course, players are able to join the “Renegade Rally” and earn rewards like a lifetime supply of premium currency. More info is available on the game’s website. Check it out here, and view the new trailer below.  

Hawked is out now on Early Access via Steam.