GTA Online Introduces Animals in December Update

GTA Online Unleashes Animals in December Update for Next-Gen Consoles

After a decade, Rockstar is bringing animals to GTA Online, enhancing the Southern San Andreas experience. This exciting feature, initially exclusive to the story mode, is set to debut in December, but there’s a catch—it’s exclusively for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players. As fans wait for the new GTA 6 trailer, they have much to look forward to in its predecessor, let’s dive into it.

The much-anticipated addition of animals roaming the world opens up new opportunities for players to engage in various activities. The southern San Andreas area will come to life with the presence of diverse wildlife, adding an immersive layer to the gameplay.

Beyond the fauna, players can join forces with GTA 4 character Yusuf Amir, embarking on missions to secure luxury import vehicles. These missions involve strategic planning for heists, eventually enabling players to acquire a salvage yard to coordinate their operations effectively.

GTA Online December 2023 update

Moreover, GTA Online introduces drifting modifications for specific cars, expanding the thrill with the Drift Races Series. To kickstart a race, players simply need to visit an LS Car Meet and select the appropriate vehicle for the adrenaline-pumping experience.

Rockstar’s announcement has stirred anticipation among fans, especially those on next-gen consoles. As players prepare to explore the vibrant world teeming with wildlife, collaborate with Yusuf Amir, and engage in heart-pounding drift races, December promises to be a game-changing month for GTA Online enthusiasts on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.