SIDE BULLET Shoot Its Way to PlayStation 5

Partake in Intense Battles in SIDE BULLET

The South Korean video game studio Press A has finally released its latest title SIDE BULLET on the PlayStation 5. It is totally free-to-play and you can jump right in now. So, get ready to experience some exciting battles with so much tactical depth and arcade features.


SIDE BULLET is a side-scrolling battle royale game. Players compete with each other in a single-player or trio mode in an urban setting filled with monsters. There are eight cartels (or classes) that they can choose from. This includes the Prisoner, Soldier, Agent, Gangster, Psycho, Nerd, Hipster, Rookie, and Mad Scientist. Each cartel has its own unique skills and perks.

Players will also acquire weapons and supplies as loot just like any other battle royale game. However, there is an experience system that gives permanent perks every time you level up.

Additionally, Press A is also introducing a launch event called “Welcome to Neon Dystopia City!”. It will take place from 7 AM KST / 10 PM UTC on 5 October 2023 until 11:59 PM KST / 2:59 PM UTC on 2 November. During this event, players will go on thrilling missions to claim awesome rewards such as adorable pets, stylish emblems, skins, and many more. So hurry up, load your guns, and start shooting.

Make sure to check out the official launch trailer below.