Apex Legends Coming to Nintendo Switch on March 9

Season 8 Starts Today

The latest season of Apex Legends has officially started, and while it seemed like the Nintendo Switch version of the game would release today alongside the start of the season, we now have confirmation of the game’s real launch date –and don’t worry, it’s not far off.

The Apex Legends News Twitter account announced today that Apex Legends will officially launch on Nintendo Switch on March 9.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game is being developed by Panic Button, who also worked on the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League.

The game will feature cross-play with other platforms at launch, and will of course, be free to play. Nintendo Switch players will get 30 free levels on the Season 8 Battle Pass to help catch up to players on other platforms who can get started on season 8 leveling today –a full month a head of Nintendo Switch players. You can also earn double XP by playing the Switch version for up to two weeks after the game’s launch.

Respawn Entertainment announced their plans for Season 8 in a new story trailer, “Good as Gold” last month. Included in the Season 8’s theme of Mayhem is a brand new character named Fuse. There was some speculation when the trailer released that the Nintendo Switch version would be released today. This sparked from a rough translation from the description of the Japanese trailer. We know now that, this is of course not the case.

According to GoNintendo, the game will be getting a retail release in Japan, that will include a digital version of the game as well as some exclusive equipment and in game currency.

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