Apex Legends Trailer Shows Off Ballistic’s Skills and Abilities

Apex Legends Trailer Shows Off Ballistic’s Skills and Abilities

Apex Legends released many years ago and remains a premiere battle royale game. It is fast-paced, intense and tactical. Electronic Arts along with developer Respawn Entertainment are preparing to launch a new update in the game on May 9th. In the update, players will get their hands on Ballistic, a fresh character. The companies have released a trailer showing off his skills and abilities ahead of his release. The game is available on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Ballistic is described as a refined gunslinger who has stepped into the arena as the ultimate sacrifice. Therefore, Ballistic is an assault class and is able to carry an extra stack of ammo in his bag. Furthermore, Sling, his passive ability, allows him to store a third weapon while Whistler, his tactical ability, shoots a projectile that heats up an enemy’s gun. Thus, the overheating will cause damage. Finally, Ballistic can use Tempest, an ultimate ability that allows teammates to have faster reloads, faster unarmed move speed and infinite ammo. The trailer gives a great look at the character’s skill and abilities.

Apex Legends

Besides the character, players will get other great content in the upcoming season. These include an updated World’s Edge map, evolved firing range and changes to changes to the ranked mode. Also, players will have access to a new battle pass, which offers cosmetic upgrades and more.

What are your thoughts on battle royale games? Do you still play Apex Legends since its release? What do you think about the upcoming character, Ballistic? Are you excited for his release on May 9th, along with other fresh content? What aspect of the character are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.