Apex Legends: Legacy Battlepass Brings More Fun Options

Fight in Style

Apex Legends is about to enter its ninth season on 4th May and is continuing to entice fans, via its engaging combat and hectic game modes. Apex Legends has been one of the most consistent games within the battleroyale genre and many have applauded Respawn Entertainment’s persistent and driven development of the game as it competes against Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite for its spot within the market. As usual, with the release of the new season, Apex Legends is set to launch its battlepass to allow players to be unique on the battlefield.

Apart from introducing Valkyrie, a new hero and the Arenas, an intense 3v3 combat game mode, the battlepass gives players the ability to battle through daily and weekly challenges to earn unique rewards and leave a lasting impression while fighting in the latest character skins, emotes and gear. The battlepass costs 950 Apex Coins in-game while the battlepass bundle can be bought for 2800 Apex Coins and offers twenty-five free level unlocks and instantly unlocks the Radical Action Bangalore skin. Besides Apex Packs and XP Boosts, the battlepass offers a Crafty Kitsune Rampart at level 25, a legendary Demon’s Whisper Wraith skin at 50 and a legendary Reactive Bound in Bone skin for the Devotion weapon at level 100. Music packs, fun loading screens, quips and skydive emotes are also available.

Respawn Entertainment has not forgotten those who desist from purchasing the battlepass. The following items are available for free including seven Apex Packs, twelve weapon skins, a Valkyrie character skin, win trackers for all legends, 300 Apex Coins and a Music pack.

Although some find that the concept of a battlepass detracts from video games as it awards players without any effort required, many gamers find that as long as developers limit the battlepass options to cosmetic items only, the system is fine and assists in making video games profitable in the long-run.

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Source: Press Release