PUBG Season 9 Brings Map With a Volcano

PUBG Season 9 Live Now

PUBG Season 9 has officially kicked off, with a new map, the island of Paramo. The new season will also include two different season passes: one that is “dedicated to the rich culture and aesthetic of Paramo” and will be a bit different than usual and another that’s more of a traditional season pass. The second season pass will join PUBG Season 9 with the 9.2 update. PUBG is available right now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and it’s part of the extensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lineup.

The island of Paramo joining PUBG with Season 9 has an active volcano in the middle of the map that adds another danger to the battle royale. The volcano produces dynamic lava that gamers will have to avoid in order to survive, ensuring that no two matches will be the same as the lava will flow in varying directions per game. Paramo is one of the smaller maps in PUBG and with the lava funneling gamers closer together, it will likely be one of the most hectic maps in the history of battle royale.

PUBG Corp. has officially created a new official lore site for PUBG, somewhere that fans can go to read up on the various aspects of the battle royale game. “Chopper into the mysterious highlands of Paramo, a new 3×3 map featuring our first dynamic map, active lava flows from the nearby volcano, and plenty of new ways to play!” said a recent post from PUBG Corp. “Survivor Pass: Highlands has the gear you need to take on Paramo in style! This pass will be shorter than previous ones, but now features G-Coin in some rewards, letting you save up a bit towards your next pass or whatever else you want!”

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