No, Xbox Series S Won’t Hold the Xbox Series X Back

Developers Talk About Series S Scaling

During a recent interview, Petr Kolář and David Kolečkář from Bohemia Interactive discussed the potential of the Xbox Series S and the fact that it won’t hold back the more powerful Xbox Series X. A lot of Xbox fans are concerned that the less powerful console will limit the potential of next-gen games, but according to Bohemia Interactive, this won’t be a problem. Bohemia Interactive is the team behind ARMA 3, which is available exclusively for PC right now.

Xbox Series X quick resume

“The important thing is that the CPU hasn´t been downgraded, so the Series S will not limit the potential scope or features of games,” said David Kolečkář. “The Series S shouldn’t have any issues with the same games on lower resolutions. Maybe some adjusted graphic effects.” While Microsoft recently detailed the speedy load times of the Xbox Series S with The Outer Worlds, they failed to detail how next-gen games will scale to the less powerful machine. A lot of developers have already been working with scalable tech due to mobile or Switch ports, so scaling graphics is nothing new to us.

The Xbox Series S will only cost gamers $299 when it releases next month, and according to Microsoft, the performance won’t suffer as the graphics scale. Phil Spencer recently went on the record to state that he thinks the Xbox Series S will eventually outsell the Xbox Series X and considering the price point and the performance, he may be right. Gamers will be able to play Fallout 4, for example, at 60 FPS on both the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X, showing both machines have an equally capable performance.

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