Phil Spencer Thinks Series S May Outpace Series X

Phil Spencer Is Confident in Xbox Series S

During a recent interview, executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft Phil Spencer claimed that the Xbox Series S may eventually surpass the sales of the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series S is the less powerful next-gen Xbox console, but Phil Spencer thinks that over the course of the generation, it may outpace the more powerful next-gen console in sales. The Xbox Series X/S releases on November 10th, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bringing the extensive lineup of games to the next-gen platform.

Xbox Series X quick resume

“I think we’ll sell every unit of both of (the Xbox Series X and S) that we can deliver (this holiday). I think demand is just going to outstrip supply of pre-orders,” said Phil Spencer during a recent interview. “For us and PlayStation, I think that the manufacturing supply chain is going to dictate share more than anything else… I think, over the generation, our expectation would be that price really matters and that you would see the Series S sell more.”

“I’m not worried. I think we have proof points, like we’ve said, on PC, that show that you can get absolutely amazing-looking games on great hardware and have those games scale to the hardware capability,” continued Phil Spencer. “But absolutely, it is work. There’s no doubt about that. The fact that you have two performance specs now, I’m not going to stand here or try to PR somebody and say two different specs is the same as having one spec. It’s not. We’re doing this because we want to expand the market.”

Do you think the Xbox Series S will eventually surpass the Xbox Series X in sales or do you expect the Xbox Series X to be the top dog of the next-gen Xbox family of consoles? Let us know in the comments below!