Cloud Streaming May Bridge the Gap Between Xbox Generations

Phil Spencer Hints at the Future of Xbox One

According to Phil Spencer, cloud streaming could bring Xbox Series X games to the Xbox One. According to Spencer, Microsoft is looking at various ways to ensure that Xbox titles in the foreseeable future are cross-generational with Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Going into the launch of Xbox Series X/S, we’re aware that Microsoft wants to make most games cross-gen, but cloud gaming could ensure all Xbox Series X/S titles come to Xbox One as well. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings an extensive library of titles to Xbox One and PC for $15 per month.

Xbox Series X quick resume

“When we think about Xbox One, absolutely, we think (could gaming) could be a good way for us to bridge generations and be able to let people play those games,” said Phil Spencer during a recent interview. “I don’t think it’s years off. It’s just work to get done. We know how to do it.” Based on what Phil Spencer is saying, it’s likely that lots of next-gen Xbox titles will avoid graphical downgrades to run on the Xbox One through game streaming. Does this mean Xbox One will get xCloud in time just as Android has, or is it a new piece of technology entirely? Phil Spencer neglected to give up the details thus far.

The Xbox Series X/S will be backwards compatible with all of the previous generations of Xbox games when it releases, but it looks like Microsoft is looking to make sure Xbox Series X/S titles wind up on the Xbox One family of consoles for years to come. Xbox Game Pass will continue to bring multiple generations of Xbox titles to both generations of consoles, but it looks like cloud streaming will help make sure the graphically intensive games are cross-gen as well.

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