Xbox Game Pass May Come to iOS Next Year

Microsoft Has a Plan to Get Game Pass on iOS

Phil Spencer has previously gone on the record to say that Game Pass and Project xCloud will come to iOS devices in the future, and now he has told employees that Game Pass streaming would arrive on Apple devices in 2021. Apparently, Microsoft has a plan to bring xCloud to iOS through the web through a “direct browser-based solution.” This solution will likely go through the Safari web browser of iOS devices, but if Apple blocks it, iOS users could theoretically use Chrome or another browser to circumvent Apple’s monopolistic practices.

During a recent meeting with employees, Phil Spencer claimed that “an iOS presence would likely necessitate a workaround through the use of a web app.” Google Stadia is another game streaming service being blocked from Apple on the App Store, and Epic Games has been so displeased by Apple that they’ve taken legal action against the tech company. With the ongoing lawsuit and Microsoft already working on a way around the App Store on iOS for 2021, we’re hoping that Apple just allows Game Pass and Project xCloud on the App Store for all to enjoy, just as it’s on the Google Play Store right now.

While Apple has tried to keep Microsoft down while preventing xCloud from coming to the iOS platform, it seems like Microsoft has a plan B for getting their content in the hands of Apple device owners. In addition to the web version of xCloud being made to function on iOS devices, Microsoft is continuing to optimize its app in hopes that Apple will eventually allow it. Currently, Apple’s solution for Microsoft is to submit every game included on Game Pass individually for review, but Game Pass is a constantly changing library of games.

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