The Latest Chromecast Doesn’t Support Google Stadia

Is Google Losing Hope in Google Stadia?

Google’s cloud game streaming service Google Stadia launched to mediocre interest before fizzling out, and now it looks like Google themselves aren’t prioritizing what they called the future of gaming. Google’s latest $50 Chromecast with Google TV dongle is launching without access to Google Stadia, and the company has no concrete plan to release the app for the new Chromecast. The Chromecast Ultra is currently the best way to play Google Stadia on your TV, but if you’re looking to get the new dongle day one, you won’t be gaming Stadia on it anytime soon.

Google Stadia

“Chromecast with Google TV will be supported on Stadia in the first half of 2021,” said the official Google Stadia Twitter account.” We’d suggest keeping an eye on our social channels and community for updates.” While Google has a launch window in mind for Google Stadia on the new Chromecast, it’s disheartening to see that they have no official launch date, leaving many Chromecast users two dongles to switch between if they’re fans of the cloud game streaming of Google Stadia.

Amazon is looking to get into the gaming market soon, but it looks like Google is already de-prioritizing their efforts in moving gaming into the future. The new Google Chromecast was recently revealed during the Google Launch Night In, and the devices is expected to get Google Stadia functionality in the future, but there’s no specific date for that addition. Some people were apparently able to get Stadia running on the device via side-loading, but this requires technical knowledge that most consumers don’t have.

Will you be waiting for Google Stadia to be added to the new Chromecast before upgrading? Let us know in the comments below!