Google Stadia Receives Achievement Support

Google Stadia Finally Gets Achievements and More Chromecast Support

During a recent Google Stadia blog post, it was confirmed that achievements have gone live on Google Stadia, alongside support for all Chromecast Ultra devices. Each Chromecast received an update for Stadia compatibility, giving gamers access to another device beyond the Chromecast bundled with the Stadia unit. The changes are official as of December 19th so anyone with more than one Chromecast can now unlock achievements on more than one TV. For now, achievements are only available for gamers playing on PC with Chrome or on the TV through the Chromecast.

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On both the Chrome browser and Chromecast units, gamers can open their own profile to view the last three achievements earned most recently. Clicking on one of the achievements will open a detailed achievements page where gamers can view all of their achievements. Selecting a game on the Chrome browser will open a page containing all achievements for the game, status of each achievement and progress whenever applicable. Gamers can view the achievements of other Stadia owners, who have chosen to make them visible, by selecting the other player’s profile which can be controlled through Friends & privacy settings.

Stadia founders who are excited to game with their friends will delight in a second Buddy Pass for this holiday season which is already live as well. Mobile gamers who are still waiting for achievements will have to wait until 2020 to receive Stadia achievement support, or they can just play on PC or their Chromecast. Some new deals have gone live on the Stadia store, including Ghost Recon Breakpoint for 50% off and Borderlands 3 is 35% off.

Are you excited to unlock achievements on your Google Stadia? Do you have more than one Chromecast to play on now? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt