From Space Launch Has Been Pushed to November

Co-Op Action Shooter From Space Gets Delayed to November

From Space has been delayed until early November. Developer Triangle Studios confirmed that they decided to push its release further back to ensure that they “have the best launch possible.”

“To be clear, production-wise we are in a great place,” devs announced last week. “This date change is to bette position ourselves for a strong release.”

from space launch pushed november

From Space is a solo and co-op sci-fi action shooter for that teams of up to four players. “Take on the challenge of liberating the Earth from an alien infestation with your friends using over-the-top weaponry in a post apocalyptic world,” its product description read. It is a game for the entire family. It offers its players “an accessible and playful co-op experience perfect or players of all ages to get involved with a great refined art style and high replay value.”

The major draw for the game is clearly its co-op feature. Due to its family-friendly aesthetic, it is a perfect choice of game for a family gathering. Fans believe that From Space will play amazingly on the Steam Deck. That is, if the family was able to get their hands on a unit.

Players will have an assortment of character abilities to choose from. With that said, synergizing with the rest of the team is very important. Plus, its previous trailer already showed its revive mechanic that co-op players certainly love. They can also increase the level of their characters as they push through the game and gain new perks that will help them in their alien hunting spree.

From Space’s original launch date was September 29th. Now, the game is hitting Steam, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch on November 3rd. 

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