Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (PS3) Review – This Ornary Blob is Actually Quite Likable

Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack was originally released as a launch title for the PS Vita and now has made its way to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Today we’re taking a look at the PS3 version but, regardless of console, if you have not yet played this game it is well worth your money. And its made by a Canadian-based developer no less.

I absolutely loved Mutant Blobs Attack (MBA) when I reviewed it for the Vita. You can read our full review of it HERE.  Everything I wrote then applies today because this version of the game is unchanged. How is playing this strictly single player, 2D platformer two years later? Just as fun as the first time around.

If you’re buying MBA for the first time it costs $7.99. However, if you already bought the game for Vita you can buy the PS3 version for just $3.99. This price includes a set of avatars, themes and also the game’s soundtrack. These extras will be hit or miss depending on how much of a fan and collector you are.

MBA isn’t overly long but rest assured that, even at the $7.99 price point, you’re getting full value for dollar. MBA’s 24 levels are as charming as they are entertaining. I’d forgotten about how the game ends. Playing through a second time reminded me just how f’ing awesome it is. I was never overly challenged with any one part of the game but collecting and a medal system for each level adds replay-ability. The touch controls from the Vita version make a pretty seamless transition to the PS3 controller via the shoulder buttons.

If the PS3 or 360 is your platform of choice and you’ve yet to play this game, don’t wait any longer.


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