Google Stadia Mobile App Downloaded 175,000 Times

The Google Stadia Mobile App Has Been Downloaded Around 175,000 Times

According to analytics firm, Sensor Tower, the mobile app for Google Stadia has been downloaded 175,000 times with 42% of the downloads coming from US residents. Approximately 73,000 of the downloads were from US citizens while the app placed 82nd among the most downloaded entertainment apps on Google Play for launch, while the app placed in the 1,169th spot for iOS. 90.7% of the 175,000 downloads came from Android users while the remaining 9.3% (about 16,300) was downloaded on iOS. Google Stadia is available now in 14 countries, including Belgium, Spain and Canada.

Google Stadia

Though Google Stadia launched on November 19th, the Google Play app was already available on November 5th and the App Store version released on November 12th which gave gamers the ability to install the app prior to the launch of the content. Apparently the only compatible mobile devices that support Stadia right now are the Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 3 XL, Google Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 3a XL so we’re curious what iOS gamers are doing other than managing their libraries. This lack of functionality for Apple devices is likely the reason so few people downloaded the Stadia app on the App Store.

It seems like the Google Stadia unveil was more remarkable than the release as many gamers who pre-ordered the console still haven’t received their units and not only is wi-fi required initially but playing games on a mobile device requires tethering the controller to the device with a USB-C cable. It’s likely that Google’s issue launching the game streaming service is what incentive them to add another ten titles to the launch lineup but we’re just hoping they improve functionality soon.

Are you one of the Google Stadia gamers who downloaded the app or are you snoozing on game streaming for now? What’s your favorite Stadia launch title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PocketGamer