Bugsnax Goes Mobile with Upcoming IOS Release

A Special Treat 

Prepare yourselves, mobile gamers, an adventure that is sure to satisfy is heading your way. In fact, one could say it’s an adventure worth a bite. Today, Young Horses is happy to announce their whimsical adventure game, Bugsnax, is coming to IOS on July 12th. The game allows players to explore a mysterious island where players will meet the half-bug half-food creatures known as Bugsnax. Importantly, a press release discusses the details of the IOS release. 

Bugsnax the isle of bigsnax free major update

Bugsnax transports players to Snaktooth Island. The titular inhabitants of the island are mysterious and somehow both bug and food. Players have been invited to this island by an explorer named Elizabert Megafig. Yet, when the players arrive on the island they discover that Elizabert is missing. Of course, players need to solve this mystery and to do so they will need to catch and study the Bugsnax, feeding them to others to customize their looks. 

Importantly the IOS release of the game includes the previously released DLC The Isle of Bigsnax. Additionally, mobile players can look forward to a whole new control scheme tailormade for the mobile device. Of course, for those who haven’t seen the game, the Isle of Bigsnax trailer is available below, showcasing the PC gameplay of the DLC. Check it out. 

Bugsnax is releasing on the App Store on July 12th. The game is currently available on  SteamPlayStationEGSSwitch, and Xbox. So, are you ready to embark on a tasty adventure? Hope you like snacks.