Google Stadia Requires Wi-Fi at Launch

Even Playing Google Stadia Mobile Will Require Wi-Fi at Launch

During a recent interview on The Vergecast, Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh confirmed that Wi-Fi is required to play Google Stadia on mobile devices when it launches next month. Though gamers will be able to play their Google Stadia games on Google Pixel 2, 2 XL, 3, and 4 phones, they’ll have to wait for the experience to improve for the ability to play through LTE or 4G. Google Stadia launches worldwide on November 19th, offering cloud game streaming through the Chromecast Ultra.

Google Stadia

To play Stadia on the go, a Google Account is required. Gaming won’t be compatible with Google for Work, Google for Education and certain other managed Google accounts so it’s likely you’ll need to create a new account. The Stadia app is available for Android devices and requires Android 6.0 or better. Rick Osterloh recommended a Wi-Fi Internet connection 10 Mbps or greater. Gamers can use their  PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller, an Xbox One Controller, or other supported controllers to play Stadia games on their mobile devices.

The previous pitch to Stadia subscribers was the ability to switch seamlessly  between screens in order to play games on the go but now that experience is hindered with the required Wi-Fi connection. It’s also been reported that the Stadia controller will also require a USB-C connection to play on the go, chaining yourself to your phone while also making sure there’s a router nearby. Negative Latency will help Google Stadia remain competitive with current gen consoles but we’re curious how it will compare to the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Does this mobile hindrance make you less interested in Google Stadia or do you mostly game at home anyways? What’s your favorite game releasing on the Google Stadia? Are you excited that Ubisoft is a firm believer in the platform? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech