Sink Your Fangs into the For Honor Halloween Event

Fangs of the Otherworld

It seems that every game that is regularly supported has a Halloween update. For Honor is no exception. A staple for Halloween events across pretty much every game include spooky costumes or skins, which this For Honor Halloween event has plenty of. While events this time of year are all about Halloween, Ubisoft is specifically emulating classic horror movies. This can be seen in the promotional images as well as the in-game design. Classic imagery of werewolves and demons are present throughout the event and its trailer.

For Honor Halloween Event

The event is more than just spooky costumes. There is a new game mode called Spooky Slashers, which is a variation on Domination. In Spooky Slashers, there are power-ups unique to this event that players can use to defeat demons throughout the map, which I assume are like capture points. These special boosts are not detailed, but dying means that you lose these boosts you have collected. At the end of each match, players will be granted the chance to win special event costumes and weapons corresponding to the hero they use. Each hero has their own Halloween loot to earn. Alternatively, this loot can be unlocked by purchasing the Fangs of the Otherworld item bundles, which are available from now until a few days after the event ends.

The Fangs of the Otherworld event began yesterday and will be running until November 1st. The item bundles will be available for purchase until November 4th. For Honor is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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Source: Ubisoft