Alchemy Stars Launches Into Lumination’s Descent Event

Limited Time Content 

Events are a great way for games to invite new players, build on existing content, and provide more fun for existing players. Of course, when it comes to certain events they even add story content and limited-time offers. Level Infinite and Tourdog Studio are happy to announce the latest event for their mobile strategy-line RPG, Alchemy Stars. The event, titled Lumination’s Descent, is introducing a whole host of new content to the game, including new story segments and even new characters players can add to their team. A press release provides more details on the event while also giving new fans some more info on the game. Furthermore, a promo video for the event gives players a look at the event itself. 


Alchemy Stars invites players to a new spin on the mobile line RPG. Set in a fantasy world that combines science and magic, players will construct a team from many different characters. Of course, players will be able to follow the story of the game, bringing light back to the world. Importantly, constructing the best team of characters, discovering combos, and more are all essential when making your way through the game. 

The Lumination’s Descent Event is adding even more to the game. For instance, fans can now look forward to a new main story episode, new limited-time recruitments for powerful characters, and even special rewards and bonuses. Of course, players can get a small look at the event in the new promo video for it. Check it out below. 

Alchemy Stars is currently available on Android and iOS devices via Google Play and the Apple App Store. So, are you excited for the event?