Redemption Reapers Fights Its Way to PlayStation 5

Saving the World from the Darkness 

The end of the world is on the horizon. Darkness has risen and has left humanity on its last leg. Luckily your band of misfit mercenaries stands in the way of complete annihilation. Today, developer AdGlobe and publisher Binary Haze Interactive are excited to announce the release of their dark fantasy strategy RPG, Redemption Reapers, to the PlayStation 5. The game throws players into combat against an invading force of monsters, combining strategy, RPG, and war game tactics. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, new fans can take a look at the final trailer from a couple of months ago for a better look at the game. 

Redemption Reapers

Redemption Reapers introduces players to the Ashen Hawk Brigade. A once despised group of mercenaries, now they are humanity’s last hope. The vile Mort army is rampaging throughout the land, overrunning what little human resistance there is left. Importantly, players will recruit, train, and plan the Ashen Hawk Brigades’ moves as they wage war against the Mort. Interestingly, every battle is different, taking place in a variety of environments, where using strategy and hero combinations to defeat their foes is a player necessity. Every choice matters. Plan every move of your crew and reap the rewards. 

Of course, players can get a good look at the game in the final reveal trailer. Check out the trailer below. 

Redemption Reapers is out now on Steam, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5. So, are you prepared to lead your war party to victory?