Whitethorn Games Shows off Titles in Winter Showcase

Some Great Games

A games showcase is the perfect time for gamers to connect with a developer or publisher. It shows off some great games that players can look forward too. Additionally, the showcase often gives gamers a surprise. Whether it be a new game announcement or a new partnership. Of course, this showcase has all of that. Today, Whitethorn Games launched their 2024 Winter Showcase on their  YouTubeTwitch, and Steam page. The showcase features a lineup of games, as well as partnerships and new titles coming to the publisher’s line-up of games. Of course, a showcase video gives players a look at all of this. 

Whitethorn Games

The Whitethorn Games showcase revealed several titles that are upcoming and ready to be released. For instance, players on mobile devices can look forward to the launch of Wytchwood for iOS and Android devices. Additionally, games like Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island and Magical Delicacy premiered brand new gameplay footage. Another studio,  North Star Video Games appeared at the showcase with an, as of yet, unannounced title in the works. Yet, one thing stands out amongst the game announcements and studio news. This concept is Whitethorn’s commitment to accessibility in the video game space.

Of course Whitethorn Games’ showcase demonstrates the publisher’s partnerships with their shared goal. That goal being developing a more inclusive, accessible, and representative place for developers and players alike. Importantly gamers can check out all of this information in the showcase video below.

Whitethorn Games is an indie game publisher with a focus on cozy pleasant games. More information is available here.