Avatar Generations Latest Update Introduces New Character and More

Avatar Generations Latest Update Introduces New Character and More

CDE Entertainment along with video game developer Navigator Games released Avatar Generations earlier this year. Since then, the companies have been working on their first major content update for the game. They have officially released the Omashu Update, which introduced a ton of new and fresh content for players to enjoy including a new character. Moreover, the game is available on both Apple and Android devices.

In the expansion, players will get their hands on Bumi, King of the Earth Kingdom City and an earth-bender who was a long-time friend of Aang. Bumi will join the game’s lengthy roster alongside heroes, enemies and supporters. Additionally, players will finally be able to enjoy the game’s online PVP mode where they head to the Earth Rumble Arena. At the site, players will take on teams of other players and climb to the top of the newly added Leaderboards. This mode poses a ton of challenges and is very competitive.

Furthermore, Will Moore, CEO of Navigator Games, stated, “Our fast-growing community is already playing with their favorite characters and exploring every inch of the Four Nations. We are now thrilled to be adding Player vs Player (PvP), allowing players to test their team-building skills against rivals on the competitive leaderboard.” Also, players will enjoy a ton of new features in the update for the game such as new boss battle stages, player missions and environments.

The future of Avatar Generations is bright.

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SOURCE: Press Release