Fortnite Returns to iOS in 2024, Sparking Controversy

Fortnite and Epic Games’ Arrival on Apple Devices in Europe Raises Questions About App Store Exclusivity

In a surprising turn of events, Epic Games has declared that Fortnite will make a comeback on iOS in Europe in 2024 through the Epic Games Store, a move that adds a new layer of complexity to the ongoing Apple v. Epic drama that unfolded last year.

Despite this announcement, Epic Games has refrained from providing a specific timeline for the introduction of the Epic Games Store or Fortnite on Apple devices. It has been clarified that these applications will exclusively be accessible for iOS users in regions falling under the jurisdiction of the European Union’s Digital Marketing Act.

The official tweet from the Epic Games Newsroom urges users to “stay tuned for details as we figure out the regulatory timeline.” It further emphasizes the company’s commitment to pursuing legal actions against Apple, alleging violations of the law.

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Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney took to Twitter to express his disapproval of Apple’s business practices, particularly in response to what he perceives as an attempt to circumvent Europe’s new Digital Markets Act (DMA). Sweeney contends that Apple’s strategy is a form of “Malicious Compliance,” forcing developers to make a choice between App Store exclusivity and terms that he claims will be illegal under the DMA. He also criticizes what he deems a new anticompetitive scheme, complete with what he terms “Junk Fees” on downloads and additional taxes on payments not processed by Apple.

Sweeney argues that Apple’s dominance in controlling the App Store allows it to stifle competition from other digital storefronts, a significant concern as Epic Games eyes the mobile launch of the Epic Games Store.

According to Sweeney, “There’s a lot more hot garbage in Apple’s announcement. It will take more time to parse both the written and unwritten parts of this new horror show, so stay tuned.” The unfolding narrative between Epic Games and Apple continues to be a contentious saga, with each move adding fuel to the legal fire between these two tech giants.