Some Google Stadia Pre-Orders Will Be Arriving a Bit Late

Google Stadia Launches Next Month

Some who pre-ordered the Founder’s Editions and Premiere Editions of Google Stadia might not receive their pre-orders when Stadia launches on November 19th, according to Google.

Google Stadia

According to a Google statement sent to The Verge, you’ll receive your Stadia package and be able to use the streaming platform on its launch date if “you were one of the first gamers who pre-ordered.” If you’re not one of these people then you can expect your Stadia package to arrive “within the first two weeks of launch,” reported The Verge.

Other Stadia news: In order to use the streaming platform on Google mobile devices, you’ll need WiFi and its controller can only be used wirelessly with Chromecast Ultra.

What do you make of this news? Are you excited about Google Stadia or has nothing you’ve seen so far impressed you? Which Stadia games are you most excited to play? Do you have any big expectations for Stadia’s future especially in regards to its first-party games? What’s your opinion of major game streaming platforms like Stadia, Project xCloud, and PlayStation Now?

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