Google Stadia Gets an Official Release Date

Google Stadia Releasing Worldwide November 19th

During the recent Made by Google event in New York Google’s hardware chief Rick Osterloh announced that Google Stadia is releasing worldwide on November 19th. Google also discussed their phones, the Nest Mini, a new Chromebook and more at the Made by Google event but the Stadia announcement is what interested us the most as prior to this even, the platform had a loose release window of sometime in November. Pre-orders begin rolling out in almost exactly a month and gamers will be able to see just how good the video game streaming service is.

Google Stadia

Regions such as Europe sold out of their  Limited Founder’s Edition’s will also be receiving the Premiere Edition which is likely the console that will be on store shelves. The key difference between the two bundles is the Premiere Edition’s controller is a standard white Google Stadia controller rather than the Night Blue controller that the Limited Founder’s Edition releases with.

A Stadia Pro subscription beyond the three-month trial included with the console costs $10 per month and it gives gamers access to over 40 games that will stream in 4K quality on the Pro service while the free Stadia Base will only give gamers access to the shop and only streams at a resolution cap of 1080p. We aren’t excited to pay for access to games we’ll never own but we are curious to see how well these games will stream, especially in 4K resolution.

Negative Latency is Google’s secret weapon to make their games more responsive than current generation hardware. VP and Head of Engineering for Google Stadia, Majd Bakar claimed it might take some time to get the platform to where Google is comfortable with. “Ultimately, we think in a year or two we’ll have games that are running faster and feel more responsive in the cloud than they do locally, regardless of how powerful the local machine is,” he said during a recent interview.


Are you excited that Google Stadia finally has a release date? What’s your favorite launch title that you’ll be streaming day one? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech