Bear and Breakfast Switch Physical Editions Ready for Pre-Order

Bear-y Good News 

Prepare to get your hands on some physical copies of your very own bed and breakfast. Of course, this new version of the wildest B&B comes with some extra goodies for players. Today, developer Gummy Cat, iam8bit, and distribution partner Skybound Games are happy to announce pre-orders for the physical Switch version of their management sim, Bear and Breakfast. Available now, there are multiple versions of the physical pre-order available. Importantly, a press release provides details on the game as well as both editions of the physical pre-order. Furthermore, a physical edition announcement trailer showcases both versions. 

Bear and Breakfast

Bear and Breakfast places players in the paws of Hank. Hank has a dream of running his very own bed and breakfast. Yet, there is a very important fact about Hank that makes this dream rather difficult: He is a bear. Of course, his B&B also happens to be a shack in the middle of the woods. Luckily players can give Hank a hand. Taking over the business, players will be able to fully customize Hank’s bed and breakfast with dozens of different room designs, furniture, and more. Furthermore, there is a whole cast of fun characters for players to meet, all while they deal with a mystery in the woods. 

Pre-orders for the physical editions of Bear and Breakfast are available now. Importantly, players are able to order the retail edition which comes with extras such as five premium postcards, a lovely reversible cover sheet, and a code to download the game’s laid-back soundtrack. However, players can also order the exclusive edition for access to a unique motel key featuring the game’s titular bear manager, an exclusive reversible cover sheet and the soundtrack. 

The Bear and Breakfast pre-orders are now available for Nintendo Switch. The exclusive edition is available on iam8bit’s website