Battlefield 5’s War in the Pacific Starts in October

Battlefield 5 Brings the US and Imperial Japan to the Fight

Battlefield 5’s free fifth chapter, War in the Pacific, launches on October 31st and the new chapter will feature battles between the United States and Imperial Japan on Pacific islands. “Iwo Jima” and “Pacific Storm” are two maps that’ll be available at the start and a third map, “Wake Island”, is expected to launch in December.

War in the Pacific will have new weapons such as the iconic M1 Garand and Japanese Type 100 submachine gun. Both sides will also have Reinforcements such as the rocket-firing Sherman Calliope for the Americans and the KI-147 I-Go Rocket for the Japanese. There’s also going to be new vehicles such as the M4 Sherman tank, the Japanese Zero Fighter, and more.

According to an official blog post, new Specializations can be used to make these vehicles “even more efficient and fitting for your play style.” “With Chapter 5, we’ve added even more branches to the Specialization trees of the new land and air vehicles, giving you more variety,” the post explained.

Battlefield 5

There’s also new Elite characters: Machine gun-toting US soldier Jack Culver and hachiwari-wielding Japanese commander Keisuke Nakamura. The blog post also revealed that the free Origin weekend trials that were announced earlier this month will be extended to include War in the Pacific.