Project xCloud to Run on Xbox Series X Hardware

Project xCloud Going Next-Gen

According to a recent report, Microsoft is already testing Xbox Series X hardware with Project xCloud. In order to do so, Microsoft is upgrading their xCloud servers and server blades in its datacenters. Microsoft is also experimenting with dedicated PC server blades for streaming PC games over xCloud. Project xCloud will launch utilizing Xbox One S hardware but it will apparently upgrade to Xbox Series X hardware eventually. Project xCloud is launching as part of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription at $15 per month.

Xbox Series X Microsoft

The next-gen processor of the Xbox Series X is far more powerful and capable of running four Xbox One S game sessions simultaneously according to the recent report. It also includes a new built-in video encoder that is up to six times faster than the current encoder that Microsoft is using on current Project xCloud servers. The PC integration will likely help gamers access their Game Pass for PC library, a slightly different variant on the Game Pass lineup.

The current expectation for Project xCloud is for the Xbox Series X hardware to be integrated with the cloud gaming service next year, but Microsoft is already at work in trying to make that happen. If Microsoft can make both the Xbox and PC Game Pass lineups available for Project xCloud, it may become the best way to access your favorite games in the future. It’s currently unknown why the servers are currently utilizing the Xbox One S tech instead of the Xbox One X, but it’s likely because of this larger Xbox Series X upgrade.

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