Project xCloud Helps Developers Work Remotely

Project xCloud Makes Life a Little Easier for Developers

Throughout 2020, developers around the world have been working remotely to avoid spreading COVID-19 and Microsoft’s Project xCloud is making working remotely a little easier. The cloud gaming service includes Xbox development kits for developers to access remotely, making the process of creating a game for Xbox One and Xbox Series X less of a hassle. Ninja Theory, Infinity Ward and Eidos Montreal are among the studios utilizing Project xCloud to develop their games remotely. Project xCloud will be added to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service at no additional cost in September, bringing the extensive Game Pass lineup to certain mobile devices.

xCloud streaming

“We’ve set out to solve these remote access challenges by re-allocating our Project xCloud resources; going beyond mobile and creating a PC app experience for developers that runs a low-latency 60fps gaming experience that allows for continued game development,” said Project xCloud’s partner group program manager Allan Poore. “By giving developers access to our PC Content Test App (PC CTA) they can remotely connect to their Xbox Development Kits from their PC, allowing them to test, play and iterate as if they were in the office. It also prevents them from having to download daily builds to local hardware in the home, which can often take hours.”

“xCloud will give the opportunity to dev teams and also internal and external QA teams to put their hands on our latest game builds from everywhere minutes after their release. By allowing the teams to connect remotely to their devkits and take advantage of the high bandwidth LAN network from our various office locations, xCloud will also add another layer of security as the content created will stay on our corporate network,” said Guillaume Le-Malet from Eidos Montreal.

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