Project xCloud Preview Now on iOS

Project xCloud Preview Is Now Available on iOS

Microsoft has officially extended the public preview for Project xCloud to iOS devices, with some restrictions implemented due to App Store policy. The TestFlight program for Project xCloud is currently available in the UK, US and Canada for Xbox fans to explore. Space is limited to 10,000 testers and because of the App Store policies Xbox Console Streaming is off the table for iOS, only leaving Project xCloud itself for testing. Fans of Xbox who don’t game on mobile may be interested in a monthly subscription to Game Pass Ultimate which allows you to easily transition from PC to your Xbox One.

project xCloud streaming

Despite the success of the public preview for xCloud, the App Store is limiting Microsoft’s ability to show off the capabilities of their upcoming streaming service. For iOS users, only one game is available to test on the Project xCloud preview, Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This limited gaming library is also apparently due to the App Store policy, leaving Android users with a far superior library to choose from. The limit of 10,000 users may seem liberal to Xbox fans but the Android preview is less limiting in scope and scale.

Invites to the Project xCloud public preview are being sent on a first-come-first-served basis so iOS fans that are interested in the mobile capabilities of xCloud should check it out as soon as possible. In order to participate, gamers will need a Microsoft account associated with their Xbox gamertag, an iOS device that can run the 13.0 software or greater. Bluetooth version 4.0 is also necessary to participate in the public preview of Project xCloud.

Are you an iOS user who will be trying out Project xCloud now that it’s available? Are you an Android fan who’s already had access to the public preview? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: VG24/7