Pokemon Home Launching in February

Pokemon Home is Coming to Switch and Mobile Next Month

The long anticipated cloud-based Pokemon Home iOS and Android service will be releasing in February, although no official day has been announced. The service will allow Pokemon Masters around the world to store and trade Pokemon across multiple games, similar to Pokemon Bank for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo also announced new Pokemon coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield through the Expansion Pass content and any new Pokemon that are added to the games will also be compatible with Pokemon Home which will be the essential tool for Pokemon Masters.

Pokemon Expansion Pass Pokemon home

Apparently Pokemon trainers can transfer the new Pokemon being added to Sword and Shield with The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra expansions through trades even if the other trainer doesn’t own the expansions themselves. This will likely help the struggling base-version gamers to continue expanding their Pokedex without having to access the new areas but we’re looking forward to the new areas and Gym’s to necessitate the purchase. Nintendo claims more information will release about Pokemon Home soon but haven’t specified when that will be.

Pokemon Home will make trading Pokemon a lot easier but it also allows you to swap Pokemon between your own games more easily than before as well. Unfortunately, because of the national Dex situation with the latest generation of Pokemon, gamers might not be able to transfer all of their favorite Pokemon to Sword and Shield. The app acts as a centralized hub by bringing your Pokemon from Sword and Shield, Pokemon Bank and Pokemon GO to one universal service on iOS and Android.

Are you excited for the evolution of Pokemon Bank? What are some of your favorite Pokemon that you’re looking forward to moving to Pokemon Home? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt