Sword & Shield Launch Trailer Loaded With Pokemon

Including A Classier and Less Unsettling Mr. Mime

Game Freak has dropped the Pokemon Sword and Shield launch trailer, just days ahead of the game’s worldwide release. The trailer contains tons of quick looks at brand new Pokemon, including a slightly less distressing Mr. Mime. He’s got a cane and a mustache!

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch trailer

Beyond a quick look at the new monsters in store for us, there’s also tons of shots of the gym battles raids we’ve been seeing so far. Everything about these fights feels reminiscent of like, World Cup Soccer matches, or Olympic events. There’s even cheers and chants from the crowd at some points.

To extend the soccer metaphor even further, there are a couple shots of the villains this time around. They are of course, soccer hooligans. They’ve even got those awful noisemakers to cheer each other on! The middle of the trailer also shows off the curry cooking mini-game. This might seem slightly out of place, but curry in the UK is incredibly common. Turns out Brits also think British food is kind of gross? You can check out the whole dang Sword and Shield launch trailer below. The game launches on November 15th for the Nintendo Switch.