Pokemon Company Executives Discuss Future of Ash

Insights from The Pokemon Company on Ash’s Potential Return

In a recent interview with Variety, executives from The Pokemon Company International, Andy Gose and Taito Okiura, shed light on the possibility of Ash making a comeback in the Pokemon universe. While they remain open to the idea, they emphasize that the current focus lies on the new narrative unfolding in Pokemon Horizons, which recently debuted in North America.

When asked about the potential return of Ash, Gose expressed the sentiment that while farewells have been bid, the door remains open for his reappearance. Highlighting the boundless nature of the Pokemon world, he emphasized that anything is possible within its expansive universe.

Echoing this sentiment, Okiura conveyed hopes for the continuation of Ash and Pikachu’s journey, suggesting that their adventures persist somewhere in the Pokemon realm. He emphasized the role of fan imagination in shaping the ongoing narrative, leaving the door ajar for Ash’s eventual return. However, for the time being, the executives express a desire to shift focus towards the fresh storyline of Liko and Roy in Pokemon Horizons, which signifies a new chapter in the Pokemon saga.


The departure of Ash and Pikachu after 25 seasons marked a poignant moment for fans, with former voice actors bidding their farewells to the iconic characters. Yet, amidst the nostalgia, the latest remarks hint at the potential for Ash to resurface in the future, igniting hope among loyal enthusiasts.

As The Pokemon Company International executives Andy Gose and Taito Okiura hinted, the door to Ash’s return remains ajar, offering a glimmer of hope to fans who long to see their favorite protagonist once more. While their current focus may be on introducing new characters and storylines, the enduring legacy of Ash and Pikachu ensures that their tale is far from over. Their journey may have reached a temporary conclusion, but the allure of possibility ensures that they will forever remain an indelible part of the Pokemon franchise’s rich tapestry.