8BitDo Working on Microsoft xCloud Controller

Project xCloud Is Getting Its Own 8BitDo Controller

8BitDo has officially unveiled a controller designed specifically for Microsoft’s Project xCloud. The controller will be compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets and it’s officially licensed as a Project xCloud and Xbox controller, so it will work on an Xbox One as well. The controller is expected to last around 18 hours on a full charge and it’s charged using a USB-C cable. The latest 8BitDo controller is available for pre-order now and it’ll cost $44.99. With Project xCloud coming to Game Pass at no additional cost, fans of the subscription service should consider getting this lightweight controller for playing on the go.

8BitDo has been making some classic controllers for the Nintendo Switch and numerous other custom controllers but this Project xCloud controller is designed specifically for gaming Xbox One games on the go. 8BitD specializes in creating retro-style Bluetooth controllers, such as the SN30 and SN30 Pro controllers,  for gamers to use on their consoles or PC’s but this custom Xbox controller will be used for gaming on mobile devices more than anything. 8BitDo’s Project xCloud controller is releasing on September 21st, with xCloud coming to Game Pass in September as well.

Microsoft is working with 8BitDo to make sure the Project xCloud controller is perfect for gaming on the go, likely contributing to the compact design. The controller includes all of the input options you’d expect on a standard Xbox One controller, but it includes symmetrical sticks rather than the asymmetrical design familiar to Xbox fans for several generations. The controller comes with software that gamers will be able to utilize to change button mapping and adjust the stick and trigger sensitivity. Gamers can then save their custom button loadouts for quickly swapping between them on the go.

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