Switch SNES Controller Available to Order Now

For All Your SNES-Related Needs

Now that anyone with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription can play my evergreen compatriots, Super Nintendo games, a proper controller is in order. Thankfully, orders for the Switch SNES controller are now active. You too can play these timeless classics the way they’re meant to be played.

Switch SNES Controller

Unless you’ve already got an 8BitDo or something, like a prescient sucker. Then this is just a tantalizing hook dangling in front of your eyes, daring you to spend even more money on a ceaseless urge to play very old video games. I’ve already finished A Link to the Past twice this year alone. What more do you want from me???

Oh, here’s the link to order the controller in question. Like the NES controller, this charming wireless relic is most compatible with those old games. There’s no official word on modern game compatibility (that I can uncover), but the lack of analog sticks suggests these are a niche product. Still, there’s little that compares to the feel of one of these weird little paddles in your palms.