Gears 5 This Gen’s Biggest Xbox Studio Launch

People Really Like Gears of War, You See

Gears 5 has had a bang-up opening week. A recent post from Xbox General Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg announced that Gears 5 is the studio’s biggest studio launch of this whole dang console generation. People are totally into this ‘Gears of War’ phenomenon, you see.

gears 5 ice cave studio launch

According to the blog post, Gears 5 has nearly tripled the launch sales of its predecessor. On top of that, the game has earned the sixth-best metacritic score of any Xbox game! From a corporate perspective, that’s probably icing on the cake after those sexy sales figures. This opening week has been so good, we’re getting to Halo 4’s opening numbers from 2012.

The point is, people are proper hot for this game. Whether the hype train slows down in the coming weeks and months is anyone’s guess. In the meanwhile, if you haven’t yet, check out our full review of the game here. Gears 5 is available right this second for the Xbox One.