Roadmap Revealed For Upcoming MK11 Aftermath Skins

Finish Him In Style

Mortal Kombat fans awoke to exciting news today, as developer NeatherRealm Studios has dropped the official roadmap detailing the upcoming costume additions to MK11. We’ve got the full details below, so be sure to check if your favorite character will be getting some new duds later this year.

Available now is the ‘Thanks a Million’ skin usable by Johnny Cage. Three new costumes will be arriving on August 6th, including new looks for Kitana, Baraka, and Erron Black. The specifics read as follows:

  • Kitana dressed in seasonal Edenian attire as “Endless Summer Kitana”.
  • Baraka prepping his barbecue as “Off the Bone Baraka”.
  • Erron Black donning a red, white, and blue patriotic suit and top hat as “Fireworks Erron Black”.

It’s hard to imagine fans not falling in love with these new attires. Baraka looks supremely delicious decked out in his chef’s hat and adorned with sausage links. Erron Black seems ready to fight the good fight in a costume heavily inspired by ‘Uncle Sam.’ And Kitana looks as lethal as ever in her ‘Edenian’ clothing, melding sexy and sinister into one incredibly enticing package.

But that isn’t all to be enthusiastic about, Mortal Kombat fans. Additional costume packs will be available on August 25th, and October 9th. While images of these new looks have yet to surface, NeatherRealm Studios have released a few snippets of information on them:

  • Klassic Femme Fatale Skin Pack – August 25
  • All Hallows’ Eve Skin Pack – October 8th

Safe to say we can expect additions to be made to a few of the fan-favorite female characters come August 25th, but more exciting is the potential for the Hallow’s Eve Skin Pack. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of kooky looks are being cooked up in the studio.

What are your thoughts on the Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath roadmap? Sound off in the comment section below.