Apple Doesn’t Want an Epic Games Store iOS App

Tim Sweeney May Be Looking at an Epic Games Store Mobile App

Apple has revealed some of their side of the story regarding their feud with Epic Games, and it seems like Tim Sweeney may be looking to get an Epic Games Store app on the iOS platform. This app would allow Epic Games fans to install apps and make purchases directly through the Epic Games Store rather than Apple’s App Store. Apple has apparently refused to allow an Epic Games Store app due to the health of the Apple platform. The Epic Games Store is currently available on PC and Mac but fans of the service might not see it transition to mobile if Apple has anything to say about it.

Epic Games store

“On June 30, 2020, Epic emailed Apple requesting to offer a competing Epic Games Store app through the App Store that would allow iOS device users to install apps from Epic directly, rather than through the App Store and to offer payment processing options within Epic’s apps other than IAP,” said recent court filings from Apple. “On July 10, Apple responded that ‘Apple has never allowed this… we strongly believe these rules are vital to the health of the Apple platform and carry enormous benefits for both consumers and developers.'”

“Within hours, Epic had filed a 56-page complaint, and within a few days, filed nearly 200 pages with this Court in a pre-packaged ’emergency’ motion,” continued Apple’s court filings. “And just yesterday, it even sought to leverage its request to this Court for a sales promotion, announcing a ‘#FreeFortniteCup’ to take place on August 23, inviting players for one last ‘Battle Royale’ across ‘all platforms’ this Sunday, with prizes targeting Apple. Epic has also launched a campaign against Google, which uses similar policies to Apple’s, and claimed Google is also a monopoly.”

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