Gotham Knights Gameplay Revealed at DC FanDome

Good Knight

DC FanDome has kicked off and Rocksteady has revealed their highly anticipated follow-up to Batman: Arkham Knight. A Gotham Knights gameplay video has been released and the visuals at least look very familiar. We see most of the gameplay from the point of view of Batgirl, who we see riding a Batpod-esque motorcycle toward a cataclysmic weather event created by Mr. Freeze. As she approaches, she is joined by Red Robin. Gotham Knights will be playable either solo or in two player co-op. The name of the game is borrowed from the Gotham Knights comic book that focuses on “the Bat Family” and it appears that characters from the Bat Family will be playable.

Gotham Knights Gameplay

Skipping ahead, the combat shows a lot of similarities to the Arkham series. Of course, players can sneak up behind enemies and silently take them down or they can go hand-to-hand and beat them down. We also see opportunities for team-takedowns when a co-op partner is nearby. Batgirl and Red Robin face off against Mr. Freeze. This boss fight shows the biggest difference between Gotham Knights and the Arkham games. There appears to be RPG elements to Gotham Knights. As players land hits on Mr. Freeze, red numbers indicating damage appear, so it will not be like the Mr. Freeze boss fight in Arkham City, where Batman had to use the environment to take him down.

Mr. Freeze appears to have the same design as in the Arkham games, so Gotham Knights may very well be taking place in that world, but we will wait for more information before declaring that. Though no supporting platforms have been specified, Gotham Knights is expected to launch in 2021.

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