SPINE Gameplay Teaser Unveiled at Future Games Show

Join the Gun-Fu Action in SPINE

The video game developer Nekki just revealed a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming story-driven single-player action game, SPINE at the Future Games Show. This teaser showcases the pre-alpha gameplay footage featuring the game’s cinematic gun fu combat in a futuristic cyberpunk world. Moreover, it will be coming out on PC and consoles in late 2025.

In the game, players will step inside the shoes of a rebellious street artist Redline. She is accompanied by her sentient combat implant called Spine. And together, they must embark on a mission to challenge the AI regime of Tensor Corporation. All the while learning to trust each other.

The game features camerawork and combat choreography from action movie specialists and is developed using Unreal Engine 5. The original animation engine of Nekki, Cascadeur, also makes the players feel like the stars of their own action movies.

“Today’s pre-Alpha Market Gun Fu teaser is just a taste of SPINE’s cinematic action from early in the game when Redline has unlocked only a small number of Spine’s abilities,” said Dmitry Pimenov, the producer of the game.

“We’re looking forward to showing more gameplay later this year, as well as revealing more about SPINE’s deep story and world-building, character backgrounds, cutscenes, and cinematic production. Players can follow SPINE on Discord where we’re regularly revealing new content, captured directly from the game.”

If you are interested in the universe of the game, the development team also publishes a webtoon comic called “SPINE: Bullet Dancers“. It allows players to dive inside its world before its official release.