Falling Frontier Has Released Its Might of Mars Gameplay Trailer

Watch the Brand-New Trailer of Falling Frontier

Hooded Horse has released a brand-new gameplay trailer called Might of Mars for Stutter Fox Studios’ highly anticipated space RTS title Falling Frontier. The trailer showcases new ships deploying to the frontline and offers the most comprehensive portrayal of the game’s fundamental mechanics. As well as the formidable Might of Mars.

This gameplay trailer offers an in-depth look at both old and new features. The addition of four new ship types enriches the ever-growing selection, alongside enhanced visuals and user interface, new mechanics, and the advancement of the detailed ship designer. It provides plenty of details, set against the backdrop of escalating tensions between Mars and Titan, adding high stakes to the unfolding events. And ends with an old-school space combat.

Here is a summary of the four new ships:

– Berwick Frigate: a forward observer/spotter, with the ability to lay mines with the right module installed

– Coventry Frigate: an escort frigate with plenty of armaments.

– York Frigate: A scout frigate with advanced sensor modules, as well as optional defensive options.

– Faslane Frigate: A frigate specializing in stealth, with options for both missile pods and support drones.

Falling Frontier is still under development, and it will be releasing into early access for PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store in 2025.