Falling Frontier Is Getting Delayed Until 2025

Conquer the Space in Falling Frontier

We got the news that the highly anticipated space RTS game needs more time before it can fully launch. Yes, everyone, Hooded Horse has changed the release schedule of Stutter Fox Studio’s title Falling Frontier to 2025.

Falling Frontier

There is no doubt that the exciting space strategy game is progressing well this year. The studio has revamped combat mechanics and added an exciting new visual identity powered by a new hire.

However, certain events that are beyond the control of the studio have caused things to slow down in recent months. This delay will allow the team to recover and reorganize from all these situations. And make sure that the project has plenty of runway to meet its ambitions

“Indie development is incredibly difficult, especially for small teams,” says Hooded Horse CEO Tim Bender. “We’re so proud of what Todd and Stutter Fox Studios have achieved so far and are fully committed to Falling Frontier. We can’t wait to show more of the game to fans, but we also want to make sure it has the time it needs to be done right.”

Just for reference, Falling Frontier won the most anticipated indie game in E3 2021. The game will be available on Early Access on PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.