Epic Games Store Crashes From High Traffic

Epic Games Store Sale and GTA V Crash the Site

Grand Theft Auto V premium edition went free on the Epic Games Store yesterday and shortly thereafter the website crashed. This giveaway was intended to drive traffic to the Epic Mega Sale but it slightly backfired when fans couldn’t access the sale due to the site going offline for a few hours. To make up to those Epic Games fans, Epic is giving away a $10 coupon alongside the free GTA V offer to use in the sale. Grand Theft Auto V is also available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC right now and despite releasing in 2013 it’s clearly still very popular.

gta V top screen

Shortly after going live as the current Epic Games Store freebie, GTA V crashed the storefront with several thousands of gamers flocking to the platform for a free copy of Rockstar’s most successful title to date. While it’s no surprise that plenty of gamers would want to secure this freebie on PC, it is surprising that Epic Games wasn’t prepared for the influx of traffic or potential new account creations. While the freebie was intended to bring gamers to the Mega Sale, it seems to have taken the hype from other titles that dropped tremendously in price such as Assassin’s Creed Origins and Borderlands 3.

The Epic Games Mega Sale runs until June 11th and it includes savings of up to 75% off on specific titles. The $10 voucher given to Epic Games Store patrons will help them secure a brand new game alongside the GTA V freebie. Because of how long the platform was taken offline yesterday due to the success of GTA V, Epic Games has re-announced the sale for anyone who was too hyped for GTA to notice.

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Source: PC Gamer