Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Does Away With Loading Screens

No Time to Mess Around

Every day, we think ‘There’s no way Insomniac Games could reveal anything else about Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales that will make us screech with joy. We’ve seen too much. We’re too cynical.’ Most days, we are correct. Some days, however, Insomniac Games finds something new and brilliant to hit us over the head with. Costume reveals, announcements hidden inside sneaky memes, early plot run-downs… you know what, maybe we’re just suckers for this game. In our defence, have you seen it? No, really, have you? Because Game Informer has been sharing some exclusive gameplay clips and impressions over the last few days and we literally can’t believe what we’re seeing.

No loading screens? Like, none at all? Not quite–Miles Morales is releasing for both PS4 and PS5, after all, and the PS4 game will probably run a little slower. Which means PS4 players can look forward to custom Miles loading screens. But wow, PS5 fans are in for a treat! Not only is there virtually no lag between Miles exiting a hideout and entering the open world map, they’ll have access to an Optional Performance Mode and Fidelity Mode. The first one runs the game at 4K/60FPS–the second one allows for 4K/30FPS with ray-tracing and other visual improvements. These technological feats are definitely worthy of applause.

You know what else deserves applause? Miles’ recently revealed feline sidekick! We don’t know what took the franchise so long to give him a cat, but we are living for it. Clips and trailers imply that Spider-Man–yes, the cat is also named Spider-Man–will be part of a rescue quest, and may also assist Miles by sitting in his backpack and bursting out for combos. Just look at them!

Isn’t that just the cutest thing you ever saw? Now that it’s confirmed Miles Morales will take place after the main Marvel’s Spider-Man campaign and will deal with the repercussions of multiple public figures being outed as supervillains, we’re glad to see a little light in this war-torn version of New York.

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