Swinging In Style, Insomniac Shows Off New Suit for Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Learning The Ropes…ahem…Webs

Insomniac Games’ released a brand new teaser, showing off a new look for Miles, and some hints at the story in their¬†highly anticipated followup to the smash hit Spiderman PS4.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spiderman: Miles Morales is a PS5 launch game from one of Sony’s crown jewel first party studios, Insomniac. The legendary developer behind the Spyro series delivered a stellar experience with Spider-man PS4, a return to form for the old web-head which we awarded a perfect score.¬†Insomniac has shown off footage of their gorgeous looking sequel, running on PS5 with glorious reflections, eye-watering particle effects, and silky smooth gameplay, and today they released a teaser which included a look at Miles’ new costume.

In an Instagram post designed to look like an article on Daily Bugle Now, Insomniac’s in-universe re-imagining of J. Jonah Jameson’s infamous anti-spider-man tabloid, the developers give the low-down on how New Yorkers are responding to their new Spider-man. It appears that Miles is still very new to his hero-gig, and the Bugle article mentions that he has been seen around town training with his mentor. Insomniac haven’t said whether or not Peter will be playable in the game, but he will certainly be a presence at the very least.

The post includes a still image of Miles on a rooftop, showing off the snowy New York that will be his playground, and he stares at a computer console featuring the spidey logo as well as a figure performing combat. It seems that these could take the place of the police radar towers that Peter was linking up to in the first game, perhaps tied to Miles’ upgrade tree? Above the console is a hologram of Peter in his Spider-man PS4 suit – most likely offering the young hero some sage advice or else dispensing a quest. The photo on the post is credited to Justin West, who in real life is a marketing specialist who worked on Spider-man PS4, though whether he has in in-game counterpart remains to be seen.

The Bugle article, which is positive in tone towards the Spider-men, is credited to Robbie Robertson – who is a canonical ally to Peter Parker at the Bugle. With a storied history in the comics and other media, Roberston could be another mentor figure for Miles, or this may just be a fun nod from the marketing team at Insomniac.

The post ends with a brief teaser video of Miles and Peter web-swinging through the city side-by-side like they did in the excellent Into the Spider-verse film. Mile is even dressed similarly to his counterpoint in the hit movie, with a hoodie and backpack over the top of his suit. The suit underneath is not his classic black and red costume, but rather a red suit that looks like it could be one of Peter’s spares. Certainly this suggests that the clip is from early in the game, and that Peter is supporting Miles’ ascension to hero status. As for where the game picks up, we may get to enjoy some of Miles first clumsy steps as a Spider-person prior to being trained by Peter, maybe in an even more makeshift suit.

What are you most excited for in Spider-man: Miles Morales? I for one can’t wait to try out his venom-strike and stealth powers! Sound off in the comments below!