Genshin Impact to Release New Region in December

It Looks Like We’ve Just Scratched the Surface

Genshin Impact made waves with its free to play business model compounded with the fact that, unlike most games with such a model, it feels like a traditional AAA Game. While the fact that getting a good party member is down to luck is bound to annoy some people, and others would prefer to simply buy the game outright rather than deal with microtransactions, the game has still managed to earn over $100,000,000 since release.

Genshin Impact puts you in the shoes of a traveller searching for their lost twin who was captured by a mysterious god. Teaming up with a variety of companions, The traveller sets out to explore the world of Teyvat to uncover the truth behind the ancient gods of this world and rescue their sibling.

At present, Teyvat has two regions to explore: The European inspired Monsdadt, which worships the archon (God) of the wind, Barbatos, and Liyue, a nation inspired by China which worships the geo (Earth) Archon, Rex Lapis. December will see the release of a new region, Dragonspire, a snowy mountain that’ll give a nice contrast to the areas we’ve seen so far. Whether this will bring with it a whole new nation to explore, with all that entails, or it will be a smaller region remains to be seen, but Genshin Impact currently plans to release a new expansion every six weeks, with this being the second of three in the pipeline. However, don’t forget that there’s an ongoing pandemic to contend with which could affect this. If we do see an entire new nation then there’s two obvious contenders: Natlan, which worship the fire Archon (based on the name Dragon) or the cryo worshipping Snezhnaya. Dress appropriately for either snow or heat, just in case. The new update will also include new tasks, new missions, and new characters to add to your party.

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