Xbox Community Is an Asset to Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer Sees the Xbox Community as an Important Tool

Executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer sees the Xbox Community as an important tool for Microsoft in the never ending console wars. The 90 million people on Xbox Live are apparently a dedicated and loyal community that will help Xbox transition to next-gen. Spencer also sees tremendous potential in the cloud and Project xCloud which is being previewed in some areas already. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available for PC and Xbox One at the cost of $15 per month, including access to the extensive Game Pass library and Xbox Live Gold to play online.

Phil Spencer Japan

“We’re seeing the big tech players come in and see this gaming opportunity,” said Phil Spencer during a recent interview. “We really think in order to achieve success you need great content, a large gaming community and more and more we’re leveraging our cloud assets at Microsoft to deliver our products to people on the devices they already have. We have a long history, and it’s why the 90 million people on Xbox Live is a really important metric, a community of people already coming to Microsoft looking for their gaming entertainment, looking for those great games, those great Minecraft experiences… we have great content from our first party and our third parties on our platform.”

“We have a large community and this cloud asset which is something we’re really leveraging right now, the partnership between Xbox and Azure is very strong right now. We have hundreds of thousands of people even in our preview (Project xCloud).” While PlayStation and Xbox both have strong communities, it’s refreshing to see Phil Spencer so enthusiastic about the fan base. Game Pass and xCloud allow this large community to play games the way they want to and Spencer is always looking for new ways to innovate this way.

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Source: Gaming Rant