Microsoft Shows off Xbox Series S Load Times

Xbox Series S Shares Series X’s Load Times

The Xbox Series S isn’t quite as powerful as the Xbox Series X, but its SSD is just as capable of extremely fast loading times. Microsoft recently released a video that compared the load times of the Xbox Series S to the Xbox One S and it’s clear to see the improvements that have been made. The video featured The Outer Worlds, a prominent Xbox Game Pass title that recently received a beefy DLC pack. The Xbox Series X and Series S will be released on November 10th at $499 and $299 respectively, with pre-orders going live on September 22nd.

Xbox Series X quick resume

In the recently released Xbox Series S/Xbox One S comparison video, a Series S and One S load The Outer Worlds side by side. The Xbox Series S loads the game in just under 11 seconds while the One S takes around 53 seconds. This loading difference is drastic, and it’s likely that the Xbox Series S and Xbox One X share the same SSD architecture, reducing load times to nothing for the next generation of consoles. Games have gotten ridiculous with their load times this generation, but it looks like both Microsoft and Sony are looking at changing that.

Both the Microsoft consoles releasing in November offer SSD technology, as do both of the PS5 consoles releasing around the same time. For all the gamers who are sick of waiting for a load screen will be delighted to see games load much fast next-gen regardless of which line of consoles they choose. The Xbox Series X offers better tech inside, but the Xbox Series S is clearly just as capable of loading games quickly according to this video from Microsoft.

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